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The warranty covers tyre damage caused by any pointed or sharp objects (e.g. nail or broken glass) or by hitting the edge of a kerb or pothole.

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Engineered in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers around the world at the beginning of every vehicle development, BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres are the only tyres manufactured to the exacting performance standards of BMW.

The contact area of a tyre forms the only connection between your BMW and the road, making it the last and crucial link in the performance chain. When that contact area is roughly the size of your palm, you need to make the most of every inch – relaying critical information like brake force, engine power and driving dynamics in a fraction of a second.

Clearly, this precise harmonisation of wheels, tyres and chassis components is essential to achieving peak vehicle handling and performance – the very reasons you chose a BMW in the first place. BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres – easily identified by the star marking on the sidewall – are extensively tested, even on racetracks and specifically matched to every model and their electronic support systems to deliver superior handling with solid acceleration, crisp cornering and smooth braking for enhanced active safety.

Setting standards for precision and performance.

Though other products may appear similar, only tyres bearing the star are guaranteed to have the premium features and properties exclusive to BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres. Each meets or exceeds the uncompromising standards of BMW across four key performance indicators: driving dynamics, safety, comfort and economy.

Tyres offered by independent tyre dealers may have a similar or identical type designation and outward appearance. It is primarily the internal engineering of BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres that distinguishes them from their unmarked counterparts.

By choosing BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres, you can be sure they are perfectly matched to your BMW model in OEM quality that meets or exceeds requirements.


Non Star-
Marked Tyres


Product substance of tyre developed according to specific BMW requirements.


Optimum harmonisation with safety system such as DSC, ABS, etc.


The same as Original BMW equipment tyres.


Meet all BMW criteria such as directional stability, steering response, comfort and acoustics.


Star-Marked Tyres.

Tyres bearing the star means you can be sure of travelling in safety. The tyres are developed in close collaboration between BMW and its leading tyre partners. They are adapted to the chassis of your specific BMW model. These tyres have demonstrated outstanding suitability in extensive tests. Only if a tyre provides characteristic BMW handling and fulfils the demanding BMW criteria on all tests is it awarded the BMW star.

Your benefit: Increased safety.

BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres are available with run-flat technology.

Whether in a long tunnel or in the pouring rain at night on the road - a flat tyre can happen in the most unfavourable places. The remedy here is a self-supporting tyre with emergency running properties, so-called run-flat technology - another benefit of BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres.

The run-flat technology makes it unnecessary to change a wheel right away, allowing the driver to continue to the nearest workshop, for example. Additional elastic inserts made of highly heat-resistant rubber mixtures in the sidewalls prevent the tyre from overheating and catching fire when it has lost pressure. Even with no pressure at all, the run-flat tyre allows a loaded vehicle to continue to travel a distance of approximately 80km at a maximum speed of 80km/h*.

Perfect driving response even in the event of complete pressure loss.

This tyre technology offers enormous safety reserves in the event of very sudden pressure loss.

When driving fast on winding roads in particular, this means considerably increased safety. When a conventional tyre is punctured, it is generally impossible for the driver to continue travelling. However, a car with run-flat tyres remains easily controllable and directionally stable even in this extreme situation. Powerful steering manoeuvres are not required since ABS, ASC and DSC still remain fully functional to support the driver.

*The maximum possible distance with a puncture is determined by the load and stress to which the vehicle is exposed during travel. In the case of average load, the possible distance is approx. 80 km.

Your benefit: Less consumption.

BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres are also available with reduced rolling resistance.

Tyres are permanently deformed during travel. This uses up energy – and therefore increases fuel consumption and road noise. In BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres with reduced rolling resistance, deformation is reduced by the use of special materials on the running surfaces and sides. This reduces fuel consumption and road noise – on every straight road and on every corner.

Know when your BMW needs new tyres.

The running surface of a tyre which makes contact between the vehicle and the road is barely larger than an open hand. This does not leave much area in which to transfer brake force. Therefore, it is crucial to have tyres in good working condition at all times in order to extend the life of your tyres.

Regardless of how well you care for your tyres, the time will come when you must replace them. You can always bring your BMW to your nearest BMW Authorised Dealer for a quick inspection. If you prefer to do it on your own, here are some simple pointers to help you learn how to check your tyres.

+ Age

+ Signs of Wear

+ Tread Depth

Get a grip!

The state of your tyres is crucial to make sure you do not start skidding on a wet road. As tread depth decreases, there is an increasing risk of aquaplaning and braking distance becoming longer. Driving response is no longer optimum on wet roads even from a tread depth of more than 3 mm.

Brake response with different tread depths:

Cracking the tyre code.

The many different abbreviations on the side wall of a tyre are often confusing - even to experienced professionals. The diagram below provides an explanation of the most common elements.

*It is important that you check your speed index before buying tyres. Choosing a tyre with a lower rating than appropriate can invalidate your insurance and also compromise your safety. The speed index shows the maximum speed for which the tyre is approved.

Speed Index Abbreviations

J = 100 km/h

P = 150 km/h

H = 210 km/h

K = 110 km/h

Q = 160 km/h

V = 240 km/h

L = 120 km/h

R = 170 km/h

W = 270 km/h

M = 130 km/h

S = 180 km/h

Y = 300 km/h

N = 140 km/h

T = 190 km/h

ZR = over 240 km/h

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