Our Philosophy

During the next decade, we aim to secure our position as the world’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles. For this reason, all of our strategies including our corporate culture, are conceived on a long-term basis and are constantly target-oriented.

We wish to utilise new chances and achieve a new level of efficiency. We aspire to create an atmosphere of optimism from which we draw the energy for necessary changes.

The following principles of the BMW Group form the basis of this long-term and target-oriented action.

Customer orientation.
Our customers decide whether or not our company is successful. They are at the centre of all of our actions and the results of our actions must be judged from a perspective of their benefit.

High efficiency.
We aim to be the best. Each of us has to rise to this challenge, meaning that each employee must be prepared to achieve a high degree of efficiency. We aspire to be among the elite, but without being arrogant, because it is the company and its products that count the most – and nothing else.

Each BMW Group employee bears personal responsibility for the success of the company. This also applies within a team, where each individual must be aware of his or her responsibility. In this respect, we are fully aware that we all work together in achieving corporate goals. For this reason, we also work together in the interests of the company.

Only sustainable and effective results are of benefit to the company. When assessing management, it is only the effect of performance on results that counts.

In order to achieve continuous success we must adapt quickly and flexibly to new demands. Therefore, we regard change as a chance and the ability to adapt as the prerequisite for making use of this chance.

In the search for the best solution everyone has the duty to bring to light any disagreement. The solutions found are then resolutely implemented by all involved.

Respect, trust, fairness.
We treat one another with respect. Leadership is based on mutual trust. Trust is rooted in fairness and reliability.

Business enterprises are made by people. Employees are our strongest factor of success. Consequently, personnel decisions belong to the most crucial decisions.

Exemplary function.
Every executive has an exemplary function.

We regard sustainability as a lasting and positive contribution towards the economic success of the company. This is the basis of our ecological and social responsibility.

We consider awareness of social responsibility an inseparable part of our corporate self-conception.

We secure the BMW Group’s entrepreneurial independence through sustainable and profitable growth.